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    I Went There With My Free Coupon For Mac

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    Since our about Software MacKiev acquiring Family Tree Maker, we’re excited to let you know that Software MacKiev has officially begun shipping updated versions of Family Tree Maker Windows 2014 and Mac 3. This is a free update for current users of the 2014 / Mac 3 versions. With this, you will have continued access to Ancestry Hints, Ancestry searches and are able to continue to save your tree on Ancestry and keep it consistent with your tree in Family Tree Maker. About the new updates: Software MacKiev’s first updates pick up where Ancestry left off to ensure a seamless product experience for users. The updates are focused on performance and stability, and are compatible with the latest operating systems (Windows 10 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan).

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    The updates also contain more than a hundred new royalty-free backgrounds and a set of embellishment art for use in making professional-quality charts. For more information or to update or purchase Family Tree Maker, visit. For Family Tree Maker users who do not currently have an Ancestry.com subscription, a free 14-day trial will be offered. Users of Family Tree Maker 2014 and Mac 3: Free updates will be available through the built-in update mechanism in the Mac and Windows editions.

    Sign up for to learn more. Users of older Family Tree Maker editions: You can upgrade for to FTM 2014 or Mac3. Upgrades from any edition will be available as a download for $29.95 (vs. $69.95 regular price). There will also be an option to receive an installation CD for an additional $10 by mail. Sign up for to receive the offer. New users: You may purchase a download and/or disc from for $69.95.

    To receive an introductory price offer of $49.95 for a limited period of time, sign up for. Customer support: Ancestry and Software MacKiev are working closely together for the remainder of 2016 to ensure a smooth transition for customer support. For Family Tree Maker customer support inquiries after the March 1 update, please visit Software MacKiev’s.

    FAQ. When will Software MacKiev start selling Family Tree Maker?

    Software MacKiev will begin shipping updated versions of Family Tree Maker 2014 for Windows and Family Tree Maker Mac 3 on March 1, 2016. The updated version is free for current users of Family Tree Maker 2014 and Mac 3, and is $29.95 for older Family Tree Maker editions. Importantly, you do not need to purchase an upgrade to use services through your copy of Family Tree Maker, whether you have the latest version or an older one. What happens to the family tree I’ve created using Family Tree Maker? Will it continue to be accessible?

    I Went There With My Free Coupon For Macy's

    Software MacKiev is not starting over with a brand new Family Tree Maker, but rather picking up where Ancestry left off. So all your trees will be fully accessible, just as they have been in the past. What happens to Family Tree Maker at the end of this year? Software MacKiev will continue to publish and support Family Tree Maker going forward, and will be developing a new technology before the end of 2016 to replace TreeSync and ensure users can keep their Family Tree Maker trees consistent with their trees on Ancestry.com. We are working together with Software MacKiev to make the transition seamless for users and to ensure key functionality such as uploading and downloading trees, media, as well as web search, continue to function as they do today. Will features such as charts, reporting and publishing be enhanced in the future? Software MacKiev is aware of the importance of charts and reports to Family Tree Maker users and have expressed their commitment to enhance these features going forward. You may visit their Family Tree Maker where you can place feature requests, report a bug or ask product questions.

    Will I be able to download my full tree? You can continue to download trees as a GEDCOM file. Users can also download and save historical records and media attached to individuals in their family trees. 98 Comments. Lynde C. Dalsow, I am afraid you are out of luck with your Win XP, as Microsoft does not long support it and your two computers are vulnerable to attack.

    I do not know how this new FTM upgrade will work on your computers but I would be more concerned about having your data compromised at this point in time. Check out this link provided so you can read about it: For the rest of contributors I have nothing to say but good luck as I only use Legacy genealogical software, as it is a much superior program than FTM was or ever will be.

    Bonnie, you mean you have an older version of FTM (2006); then what you can do is upload your file to Ancestry (if it’s not already on the site), purchase the new upgrade of FTM2014 (which will NOT be free) and then you will be able to sync your tree to the new version. Unless I am wrong about this, then let me know, moderator. I would not recommend it but if that is what you want to do, that’s is what is needed. Older versions do not apply to this upgraded version of FTM2014.

    In that case, you do not have to re-enter all your data. I just saw this today when I went to Ancestry.

    Reading over it it looks like there is a lot for me to do. Will the updated version of FTM for Windows be automatically sent to when ready on March 1st (3 days ago). Will “updated” FTM and Ancestry “automatically” sync or will that not happen until the end of 2016? Will the ability to download trees as pdf go away with the new FTM/Ancestry?

    This has been a very excellent tool to send elderly family members family trees, and in some cases encourage their “younger” descendants to purchase and start using FTM. Thank you in advance for responding to my questions. FYI my FTM ha 2,241 People, 655 marriages, and my file is 22,774KB. I don’t know where else to ask to please fix the New Ancestry. Which the original Ancestry did well. Dalsow, sorry but that is the way these software companies, like MS, stay in business. I agree w/you, as I have Win 7 and know eventually that MS will stop supporting it.

    They now have Win 10 and if you have Win 7 or 8 you could upgrade the OS for free; however, I have lot of old programs that will not work under Win 10. At one time I had XP and even though I liked it at the time; I eventually upgraded to Win 7 as I had to buy new computers. You can always upgrade your OS but do not have to buy new computers but it will cost you. That is how they make money. Also, do not count on Norton Anti-virus to check on everything on your computer, as it is not that full-proof. You also need to update drivers and such that supported software will give you.

    Frankly, sorry to say but you are treading on thin ice. As to FTM, I do not use it but you might want to try the free software offered by Legacy Family Tree. I use the paid version exclusively and it runs circles around FTM. There are many free videos on the site to get you started and think about joining the Facebook group, Legacy also where there are many people who will answer your questions. Thanks for your reply. The serious problems I encountered finally ended on their own over the weekend. Interestingly, they, too, started once I explored the color changes, which may or may not be a coincidence.

    Another real concern I had in the days preceding the problem was with the viewing or downloading of Find-a-Grave via an Ancestry Hint. Find-a-Grave behaved just as you said and often gave a frequent message in the banner line that the “Connection is Unsafe”.

    I am using Avast Virus Protection. Have since had a computer clean up just to be safe, but the erratic and slow behavior had corrected by then – and of, course, had only been occurring with Ancestry and not other programs on my computer.

    I called Ancestry and received no explanation for the problems except the usual to clean my cache and cookies. Hope yours has cleared by now, as well, and will stay that way.

    I am still encountering one issue that is also new within the last week. When adding descriptive narrative to the Facts/Profile Page Description box, the narrative will not save until I have gone to Lifestory and back.

    Only upon return, will the narrative entered on Facts then appear. It can’t be just a matter of timing, since I could stay on Facts all day on without seeing the additions until switching back and forth from Lifestory. @ Sandra Tucker. Ditto to all. I had sent an email last night to Ancestry’s Support asking that the Gallery reflect the number of member-added photos and stories (not the Ancestry-added census images, which would be self-defeating).

    The Comments should do the same. Currently only an alert for the number of comments appears when viewing your own tree and not others. The numerical alert should be there for the Gallery and for Comments and should extend to ALL trees, not just your own. How right you are that one usually does not look if an alert is not there.

    I also agree that the name of the tree and tree owner should be clearly shown on any printed version of Facts or Lifestory. Appearing in the heavily-inked banner when viewing, the banner was removed in printing and the name of the tree and tree owner became lost. In my opinion, the sources should also be printed, but, as you said, moved to their original space under family members. This would free the page of clutter and add more space for the narrative lines to spread out. At present, the narrative blocks are short and choppy in print, making for an unattractive and less readable page.

    And as for the color options to which I will not be tempted to return, they seem only to be variations of the same palette repeated in different ways. None are as viewable for me as the current Pebble. Why could the tried and true colors of Old Ancestry not have been one of the options?

    While the effort on the part of Ancestry is appreciated, the final result seems to have been a waste of time. @ Vince and emam.

    Yes, I mean the Description box as you described that appears after clicking the EDIT button on the Facts Page. Until now the added detail that I type in there has always immediately saved upon clicking the SAVE button. Now, it seldom does so and requires not only clicking on SAVE, but to then move away from the page and come back again before you can actually view the additions. Going to either Lifestory or Gallery and back again to Facts seems to make this happen. This just started for me in the last week or so.

    Thanks for both tips. I will be more observant to note if this only occurs when I have also “tweaked” the date a bit. So who’s minding the store (blog)?

    Do we need to know about horoscopes and Indonesian movies? But here’s some conflict we do need to know about regarding FTM.

    From Software MacKiev support, it says: “Older versions are still supported by Ancestry. Support for FTM 2012 and earlier editions will continue to be provided by Ancestry until sometime this summer.” Ancestry support at 1-800-262-3787 (voice) says they will support Version 2012 until the end of 2016. So which is true? If you are using 2012, you better find out which is factual. Summer begins about June 21st. Fred, Ancestry is NOT the place to register.

    MacKiev software has taken over FTM from Ancestry. You have to go directly to their site to register for your update which is: For more info check out this site: Do not be too hasty about doing the update until it is really working and fully tested by its users. Frankly, it is up to you but I do not recommend this software to begin with for many reasons. However, you might want to check to see what people are saying about their updated FTM before you make the plunge, if you really want the updated version. As far as I know, it has still not have been released. Do you really trust a site that is in the Ukraine? I don’t think so.

    I updated from FTM 2006 to 2011 in 2012. What a piece of garbage. Even with more than double the minimum capacity, would come in a distant second against the old Heinz ketchup race. When I did the original gedcom from my XP PC to Win7 laptop, even though I had my name showing when I created the gedcom, it managed to come up with an obscure woman that FTM 2011 somehow jumped through dozens of hoops to show a very tenuous relationship (I do cousins of cousins of cousins). The few times I’ve tried using 2011, it’s like watching an ant walk through molasses, plus the layout of information is atrocious. Did not waste my time loading to 1) my old XP or 2) new PC. I upgraded my PC this month to Win10, still using FTM 2006.

    Works fine but while it will create reports, can’t export to pdfs or create a gedcom (use the copy/paste method to Word). I WILL NOT upload my database of 90,000+ names to Ancestry. I’ve loaded individuals, one name at a time but will not post everyone. And Ancestry’s HINTS function while going from just short of a disaster to somewhat is acceptable, is still unreliable.

    At times half the hints continue to be wrong, and it always manages to not have the IGNORE button on the wrong information. My sister passed away in 2014. Ancestry supplied 5 hints, all 5 have incorrect information in them.

    I’ve supplied the correct information to Ancestry with a request to change plus posted alternate info on each record page, but the bogus information still remains. Actually, I try to pass along the correct information to Ancestry whenever I come across it, and have come across Comments I made 2-3 years ago, but the original Incorrect information is still there.

    Probably reason 1 why the Search function is so limited in its use. I’ve used FTM for 20 years, but won’t give Ancestry or MacKiev money for the 2014 version when I still feel ripped off from the 2011 purchase. @Linda Wrobel: I also owned FTM 2014 for Windows and switched to a Mac.

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    I asked Mackiev customer service whether or not I need to repurchase the Mac version. Mackiev CS replied stating that FTM 2014 is the old version, and I could purchase at the upgrade price.

    Since FTM is/was the most recent version, I reiterated that FTM 2014 is the version their website states receives the free upgrade and inquired again if I was covered. The reply I received was not a yes/no answer but a link to the upgrade offer page and a statement that I could download the Mac version from there. Of course, this requires payment at the upgrade price. I sent one final eMail asking for clarification and more specifically if this situation (changing platforms from Windows to Mac or vice versa) is excluded from the free upgrade offer. To date, I have not received a reply, so I’m guessing we’re not eligible for the free upgrade. After waiting nearly a month for a free FTM update, I’ve given up and I’ve moved my data to RootsMagic.

    I’ve been chatting to researchers at my local FHS meetings who recommended I make the switch. One of them emailed MacKiev with no reply since almost 2 weeks. There’s been no update since early this month, it just seems odd and I’m uncomfortable just waiting and waiting, whilst all the time risking problems transferring my information at a later date if the new company decide not to continue FTM after all.

    About a month ago, I posted that you cannot trust this MacKieve software company. A month has gone by and anxious people are waiting for their updates, which have not materialized. Also, notice the absence of the moderator to inform people what is going on.

    The bottom line is to get an another genealogical software and just forget about FTM. I am a Legacy fan as I have said before and it is a company you can TRUST. However, there are other manufactures of other software that might be suitable for your purposes. Forget about FTM as, at this point, it is ancient history. I have to wonder how all these people that were so “anxious” to see that Ancestry sold FTM to MacKieve and how they feel now. Go with a company you feel you can “trust” and read reviews on genealogical software before you make a decision. People stating they are ‘waiting for the update’.

    I understand why you are frustrated but it isn’t that simple. As they said above; updates a programmed into the old Ancestry Family Tree Maker 2014 to be delivered from a specific website. Ancestry need to transfer over the website to Software Mackiev before Software Mackiev can upload it to that website to make the download link live.

    I Went There With My Free Coupon For Mac Free

    Video-converter-mac. They cant change the download link in the updater before they give you the update! That takes time to transfer from provider and then re-update the website. Now, I did purchase FTM post-Software MacKiev purchase so I have the latest software for Mac which runs very well. I did also buy the RootsMagic ‘FTM converter’ price upgrade as a backup but the new FTM is working fine so I’ve not used it.

    I’ve been waiting for my AncestryDNA results longer than this announcement (and I am still waiting!). I used to use PAF software from the LDS church so I’ve weathered a number of changes in platform as well as software. I opened FTM 3 on my Mac yesterday and it instantly suggested that I download the update for the latest version, which I did, and it’s working fine. One of my smaller trees at Ancestry synced with no problem but a larger one was taking too much time. I’ll wait until later in the week to sync that one when there may be less traffic on Ancestry’s site.

    Ako prechod na urit strnky v pages for mac. Otherwise the latest version of FTM 3 was no problem to update for me on a Mac using OSX El Capitan. R H, Now a download copy ONLY is available from MacKiev but is still not available on their site or Amazon in CD form. You can update your present Mac version, as you said.

    I use Legacy, exclusively and do not even own FTM any more or have a Mac. Mary, here are some reviews on the Mac version and I would think twice before investing in it or you could do a download copy of the product.

    Of course, it is up to you to decide what you want to do. If you already have a previous version, then you can do an update as R H says. To sonofsoren: The free updates to the new FTM 2014.1 and Mac 3.1 versions are not yet available as of today. To be advised when they become available, you can sign up to the MacKiev mailing list at — click on the MAILING LIST link there, chose which types of news items you want to receive, including “Family Tree Maker – Free Updates”, and enter your contact information. When I did that on March 16, I got a reply that included: “Users of FTM 2014 and Mac 3: Hang in there! FREE updates are coming soon. Since you have signed up for our mailing list, we will send you an email to let you know as soon as they are available.” On March 17, in another message to me, MacKiev President Jack Minsky clarified: “ before we turn the auto-updater on, we will first be providing a link to a downloadable updater to all those on the mailing list.

    Since you are on that, you’ll be among the very first to receive the free update.”. @Caren Tidwell: Hi Caren, over the years I have tried several Mac applications for my research – Reunion and Heredis are both good but I personally prefer MacFamilyTree, which is specifically written for Macs as opposed to a Windows program which has “adapted” to work on Macs. We all have our own preference of software so I suggest you download free trial versions of each from their websites and just try them out to see which is best for you. Do you really need a program which “works best with ancestry.com”? Yes, FTM makes it easy to just click on a Hint and add it to your tree, but it is also very easy to click on information which has been put on ancestry by someone who hasn’t actually checked it back to the source and before you know it your tree is filling up with mistakes and inconsistencies. (I’ve been there!). I decided years ago to keep my family tree on MY computer where I have control of it.

    I can still use ancestry, findmypast, the genealogist etc for research but it doesn’t take that long to input any information found onto my software, adding any notes & photos etc. If you’re spending time and money producing a family tree it really needs to be as accurate as you can make it. Sorry this rambled on a bit, good luck with your tree, and have fun!

    I Went There With My Free Coupon For Mac