• Ldi 2015, Las Vegas Booth 1068

    Ldi 2015, Las Vegas Booth 1068

    The Awards for Best Booth Design and Best Debuting Products Of The Year were presented in an awards ceremony at 5:00 pm on Saturday, October 24 on the LDI show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Last year, the Paky Award was founded in honor of Mr. Pasquale “Paky” Quadri, one of the leaders of the international lighting industry who passed away last year, and was the honorary recipient of the first “Paky” award presented during LDI 2014. This award will be presented annually to an individual who has made a major contribution to technology in the industry.

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    Jun 13, 2017 - Kristine Shay, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada Issues. Samantha Schreiber, Rising Star Award, 2015. Exhibitor Booths Open. LDI Lunch (Invite only). 1,068HIGH SCHOOL, TRANSFER, AND. Thank you to everyone who made LDI 2018 a record breaking event! We look forward to seeing you next year in Las Vegas! In its thirtieth year, Live Design.

    This year’s award was given to Fred Foster. Booth Awards The award for Best Small Booth Design went to for their creative use of their products, maximizing a small space to look vastly larger. Paul Grider accepted the award. The award for Best Creative Use of Light went to for their use of their Lixel and Phantom lasers incorporating the Parasol rotating truss system. George Dodworth could not accept since he just had a baby, so Brian Bourgeois accepted in his place. The award for Best Product Display went to for a visually stunning lightshow that featured the entire range of GLP product perfectly and programmed by Matt Shimamoto.

    Mark Ravenhill and Matt Shimamoto accepted the award. Photo by Mark Doyle. The award for Best Large Booth Design went to for their use of to create an efficiently complex booth structure. Will Komassa of Blizzard and Patrick Santini of ModTruss accepted the award. Photo by Mark Doyle. Best Debuting Products There were so many great products this year that there were honorable mentions in several categories, which were not given lightly. Best Debuting Product: Widget Two honorable mentions in the Widget category: for the RC4 Magic DMX Pix, which solves the problem of DMX universes when pixel-mapping.

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    And ’s LED Mapper for changing the process of mapping LED sources on to a vector curve. ’s Pro Plex EZ-LAN Unity 20 won the Widget category for its ease of use, extensive feature set, and effortless scalability, allowing the set-up of complex networks with utmost reliability, speed, and flexibility. Colin Waters accepted the award.

    Second, I just bought an Arsenal SAM7r and have run into the same problem with attempting to find an adapter for milled Arsenal aks I checked TDI and Ace. Ak to ar stock adapter.

    Best Debuting Product: Special Effects The award went to for the Lixel, which has expanded laser design to new levels of color and dimensionality. Brian Bourgeois accepted the award. Best Debuting Product: Staging And Rigging The Best Staging and Rigging product went to for the GroundControl Remote Followspot System, which advances the cause of staging and rigging in the concert industry by offering the possibility of removing spot operators from trusses forever, and continuing the efforts to make our industry safer. Chris Conti accepted the award.

    Best Debuting Product: Projection There were two honorable mentions in the projection category. The first went to for iMira, for its unique form factor and for your very stylish presentation.

    The second honorable mention went to WATCHOUT 6 for bringing sophisticated projection mapping capabilities to their popular software suite. And the winner in the projection category was for the Boxer 30K Projector. This tight package with 6 light engines redefines the large format projector into a smaller, compact product. Helmut Protte accepted the award. Best Debuting Product: Lighting There were two honorable mentions in the Lighting category: The first went to FLX for pushing innovation and affordability with the courage to provide attendees with a side-by-side demonstration at the show.

    The second honorable mention went to ’s new additions to the X4 family of fixtures, as they provide new and innovative solutions based on the X4 color system There were two winners for Best Debuting Lighting Products: The Sky Panel S-60-C for a feature-rich soft-light that gives directors of photography and gaffers flexibility, with a well-built fixture and beam quality, and an intensity that impressed the judges. John Gresch accepted the award. And the second lighting product winner was ’s Spheriscan for making the scanner fixture relevant again and moving the state of the art in reflected beam fixtures by several orders of magnitude. Pio Nahum, Frencesco Romagnoli, and Ben Saltzman accepted the award.

    Ldi 2015, Las Vegas Booth 1068